December 30, 2011

Back in the Bugaboos

Flying around in the black and white. I went so far as to strap myself to the outside of the helicopter to get this shot.

Well it's been a long time since I penned something and wanted to put out some photos before the New Years coma kicks in. Two days after returning from Colombia, I started work at CMH Bugaboos and have been here ever since. The skiing has been nuts so far and we are currently in the midst of a three day storm that has dumped about a meter in the hills. Thank you El Nina. You are welcome here anytime.

Happy New Year!

Jay shredding the home drainage

Tina on Black Forest

Jay takes flight

Lauren on Black Forest

Skiing an old burn


Lots of face time

J Mac on Grumpy's

J Mac always brings the correct form

Christmas Day - the last time we saw the sun.

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D Healey said...

nice! those googles shave YEARS off your complexion. and quit giving out photog trade secrets!