December 06, 2011

Colombia Country Side

Alaska Ben at a local market near Chicamocha Canyon, Colombia.

After a few short flights last Sunday, we jumped in the van and drove out of town to Chicamocha Canyon. The canyon is rumored to be the second largest in the world (after The Grand Canyon) and boasts what is also rumored to be the longest cable car on the planet. At first, I was skeptical about the cable car claim, but after riding in it for 30 minutes each way, I am a believer. Part of the canyon has been turned in to a National Park in recent years and it is a cool place to behold. There is also good flying in the park although it might be a little macho for the rookie pilot.

Gateway to the National Park.

Our host - Team Richi - with Chicamocha Canyon in the background.

The unofficial longest cable car in the world. It goes all the way to the ridge in the background.

A cool statue in the park.

Local mercado.

A tasty corn concoction. 

Local game of pick-up football.

Tile work at the mercado.

More tile work.


This guy recently showed up at the fly-site hostal looking to take some lessons.

Aerial view of the market.

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