December 03, 2011

Learning to Fly

Looking out at Bucaramanga from the Las Aguilas Launch, Colombia

For the past six days, I've been hanging in Colombia and learning to fly. Buca is a really good, consistent place to learn with strong thermals in the morning, good ridge soaring in the afternoon and excellent debauchery at night. After a day and a half of ground handling, we did our first flight - a five minute sled ride to the landing. Since then, we've managed twenty flights up to one hour and fifteen minutes in length. We've also bumped up against the cloud base and accomplished a few entertaining top landings - all good fun for a radio controlled monkey! Looking forward to four more days before heading home for the long, cold winter. 

Busy day at the launch.

It took me 17 flights before I felt confident enough to take a photo.

The shuttle-bus manager.

Lunch time at the villa.

Advanced maneuvers.

Post flight.

Cool evening light at the LZ.

During my first hour+  flight.

Gettting picked up just before the rain.

A quiet moment at the launch.

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D Healey said...

dude, way cool. the lunch time dance steps... flying's alright as well. you need to carry any ballast?