January 27, 2012

Climbing Louise Falls + Skiing in the Bugaboos

On our early morning walk in to Louise Falls, we came across this frozen Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Finally had a full week off from the Bugaboos lodge and got out for a day of ice guiding with Tom M. Tom and I have climbed a lot over the years and I always look forward to the banter and the excellent lunches! Tom likes to start early which has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, you miss out on a  little sleep, but on the other hand it is extremely unlikely that you are going to get shelled from parties climbing above. So after a 6 am departure from Canmore, we drove to Lake Louise and hiked in to Louise Falls. The climb is fat and hooked out right now which made it easy to catch our 1 pm lunch reservation at the Chateau. Thanks Tom!

Otherwise, back in to the Bugaboos tomorrow. I keep hearing reports that the past week has provided the best skiing in years and I am looking forward to it.

We also came across this Ice Fairy.

Tom entering the cave on Louise Falls.

There is a great tree to practice one's pole dancing routine at the top of the climb.

This was before it got really good.

Roberto Gomez skiing Fearless.

Inside every snow cloud...

Is a skier waiting to break free!

Dave C on an early morning run in Rory Creek.

Well preserved surface hoar.

Early morning flight to Spillimacheen.

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