January 22, 2012

RIP Carlyle

Carlyle and Josh at the Abbot Hut in August 2010.

Carlyle Norman was killed by rockfall in Patagonia last week while climbing a route on St. Exupery. The evening before she left Canmore, she stopped by the house to borrow some gear. When she showed up, I had just returned home from nearly two months of work and travel and was stressed out with a million and one mundane things. But her cool manner, thoughtful conversation and alert posture quickly made all the mundane stuff  fall away. No one else was home and we ended up drinking scotch and bullshitting well in to the night. A few hours later, she boarded a plane in Calgary and was gone.

Goodbye Carlyle. I'll miss you and think of you often on your craggy Andean perch. 

Carlyle et al in Thailand 2007

Carlyle and Josh approaching the Abbot Hut.

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jared said...

Thanks for your post. I was on the same mountain with her that day and I was looking forward to her presence when she returned.