April 24, 2012

Heli-Access Ski Touring with CMH Bugaboos

The ski touring gang on the Bugaboo Glacier with Snowpatch Spire in the background.

Spring ski touring in the Bugaboos is tough to beat and after thirteen weeks of heli-skiing and about 1700 faceshots this season, it's nice to change things up. The past few days have been super warm and we've been battling everything from thunderstorms and high winds to soft and very sticky snow. But really it just keeps things interesting when you take off down a run at warp speed and after seven great turns your skis come to an immediate stop in snow that more closely resembles glue. If you're not expecting it, this experience can be quite entertaining for onlookers. 

Crossing over from the Bugaboo to the Vowell Glacier. The rock in the lookers left is the West Ridge of Pigeon Spire.

Skinning up the Bugaboo-Vowell Glacier with Bugaboo Spire above.

Lunch at the Bugaboo-Crescent Col.

The maestro getting ready for Alaska.

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