May 28, 2012

May 25, 2012

Skiing the Polar Star Couloir on Baffin Island

Kite skiing below Polar Sun Spire.

Just returned from a whirlwind trip to the Sam Ford Fjord on Baffin Island. We spent about ten days on the sea ice and managed a few decent turns. Too tired to post much now but wanted to put up a few shots. Thanks to the all-star crew for making this the trip of a lifetime!

Josh L and Josh H nearing the top of The Polar Star Couloir. I've heard this described as the most classic couloir on the planet. I guess it was okay for something outside of the Rockies! 3600 feet. Huge walls. Snow machine access. Maybe 50 degrees off the top.

JT and Jesse H up to no good.

Peering over the edge.

Jimmy C and Josh L on the Beak.

Local boys getting in on the action.

Josh L and Jesse H building a small kicker.

View of the AC Cobra (tallest white strip in the center of the photo).  We skied this with a small group of eight.

The crew!

May 10, 2012

Skiing the Little - Mid Sister and a Last Minute Ride to Baffin Island

A small part of the last minute packing rigmarole for Baffin Island.

After finally finishing the 15+ week heli-ski season a few days ago, I was planning on taking a month off to chill and have some fun. But after a string of last minute emails and phone calls, I now find myself  spending the evening in Ottawa, awaiting tomorrow's flights to Clyde River on Baffin Island. Once there,  Josh L and I will be doing snow safety - aka funpolice - for a commercial shoot involving ski-base and a host of rad hucksters. As one person put it, this will basically involve the riskiest sport in the world in an unimaginably remote location.

In less dramatic sporting news, Nat R and I skied a really nice local line in horrendous conditions the other day. It's hard to walk around Canmore at this time of year and not be drawn to the NW facing strip of snow between the Little and Middle Sister. Unfortunately, what you don't see from town is the heinous snowballing and debris littering the slope. Oh well, I guess we used up our powder days earlier this year.

The Three Sisters Base Area.

Some new toys from Scott.

You'd think this was Chamonix by the way we shamelessly walked around town with skis on our backs.

I haven't climbed all winter and I found this move challenging.

Just cruising around in the woods.

It was hard not to imagine how good this could be in different conditions.

And with a single turn of the camera it kinda looks steep.

Great vistas.

Mom and her kid.

May 07, 2012

End of Another Season

The good looking side of Pigeon.

On May 5th, we flew out of the Bugaboos for the last time this season. It was a great winter with an awesome crew. Thanks for the good times! Nos vemos.

The Captain

I barely even recognize these two.

Marlene and G.G.

Dario and Pom Pei

May 01, 2012

Heli Assisted Ski Touring in the Bugaboos Part Two

Half the binding, half the brain. Tele turns above Malloy. Kobi Wyss Photo.

After a tough bit of touring in the Bugs, we're into our final week of heli-skiing for the year. It's hard to believe that another season is almost over and I can't help but wonder if time actually does move faster with every passing minute? 

Spring came in hot this year and the warm temps have been making it challenging to find good skiing. But we  are finally in to a good corn cycle with cool overnight lows and consistent daytime warming. We haven't quite hit the magic corn recipe of 10 days X 10 below (pm) X 10 above (am) - but it's coming along.

I don't have any photos from today, which is too bad because it was one of those perfect spring days where we could have, and did, ski some of the steepest runs in the tenure. And we did it for 9000 meters.  If it stays like this, we might even be skiing the Anniversary Chute before the season ends. Fingers crossed!

Touring up Wildcat.

Climbing below the Kissing Dogs in the Malloy area.

Crossing over from Pernicular to Wildcat.

Crossing Cobalt Lake with Bugaboo Spire in the background.

Another perspective of the big windscoop guarding the sneak into Wildcat.

A good view of the ski line off the summit of Northpost.

Crossing the Eastpost - Crescent col.