June 03, 2012

All Mountain Flying

Chris D and passenger flying in the shadow of Mt. Begbie, Revelstoke, BC. Big thanks to Chris D at Revelstoke Paragliding for getting me back in the air!

Despite Air Canada's best efforts, I managed to arrive in Europe with all my baggage. I must commend Air Canada - the world's best worst airline - on mounting an excellent counter offensive to my travel plans. Through their total and unwavering commitment to incompetence and horrible customer service, they have lost yet another customer. Congratulations! I would rather fly through the States and and be interrogated by US Immigration than suffer through another AC check-in experience.  

Before leaving for Europe, I made a mini trip to Revelstoke to re-learn flying. It had been almost six months since my last flight in Colombia, and I was worried that without a little refresher, I would likely kill myself in no time at all. Chris D hosted me in Revy for a couple of days - imparted a glut of knowledge - and put me back in to the air safely. Thanks Chris!

Mickael R hiking Lady Mac above Canmore.

Fixing the entanglement.

A brave forward launch from Lady Mac.

Good Rockies vistas.

Bob from XC Magazine prepping to launch from the Midi Plan in strong conditions. 

Bob launched like a helicopter in the strong afternoon breeze. This was my second flight of the day and I waited for another couple of hours for conditions to simmer down. It was well after 7pm when I finally lifted off.

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