August 16, 2012

Guiding the Hornli Ridge on the Matterhorn

Rob P on the summit of the Matterhorn

After one day (and five flights!) back in France, I travelled to Zermatt to meet up with maybe the biggest guide to ever walk the earth - Luke G. Luke was already up at the Hornli Hut with our two clients Rob and Ken. Being slightly sleep deprived from the travel and a final night in Moscow, I said hello and immediately disappeared for a nap.

The lights came on the next morning at 4am and we were out the door by 430. Four and a half hours later, we were standing on the Matterhorn's precipitous summit. The ascent marked Luke's 15th time up the mountain and he nailed the route  like a local Swissy. Thanks to On Top Mountaineering for the great day of work!

Morning light on the Monte Rosa

First light on the lower half of the mountain.

Good vistas

Luke and Ken below the Solvay Rescue Hut.

Ken in the early morning light.

Rob at the Solvay.

Climbing the thick fixed ropes on the upper peak.

Rob on the summit!

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