August 26, 2012

Mt Blanc Summit

The final few hundred meters to the summit of Mt. Blanc.

After a season characterized by high winds and poor weather up high, Mt. Blanc finally threw us a bone and allowed us passage. It was a cold and windy summit, but my two Israeli Clients were not deterred. It was a long day - almost 14 hours - and the route was in the best shape I've seen. Unfortunately, when I returned to the mountain 24 hours later, it was a different story. Oh well, back to Canada now to finish the guiding season in the Canadian Rockies. Looking forward to it!

Climbers ascending the Gouter Route.

100 meters below the top.

Cumbre! This was a guided trip for On Top Mountaineering.

A summit shot for Mom.

The infamous Maudit Face where 9 people lost their lives in an avalanche earlier this season.

The weather on my next attempt was not so stellar...

We were forced to walk to Italy just to get off the mountain. The Tour Ronde in the background.

The Vallee Blanche is getting rough!

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