September 29, 2012

Guiding Mt Victoria SE Ridge & Mt. Assiniboine North Ridge

Dirty glass but a cool view nonetheless. Looking out from the Abbot Pass Hut below Lefroy and Victoria.

Yesterday marked the last day of my summer guiding season for 2012. I had the pleasure of climbing with big Dave C for the past week and we got super lucky with the weather. In that time, we managed to scratch our way up Mt. Victoria, Mt. Assiniboine via Settlers Road, the NE Ridge of Ha Ling, the Tower of Babel and a few sport routes at Grassi Lakes. I don't remember a time when the weather was so stable for so many days, and it's almost hard to imagine it ever turning bad.

Dave and I first climbed together in Bolivia in 2006. A few years later, we ventured to Alaska and made an ascent of Ham and Eggs on the Moose's Tooth. Needless to say, Dave is a real powerhouse with a huge stoke for climbing. From looking at the photos, it almost seems like he had shit-eating-grin plastic surgery and a mean case of raise-the-roof! Thanks for a great week!

Off to Turkey early next week for some quality r+r  and vol before the the snow flies. Check this place out: Oludeniz. I reckon the toughest part of the trip will be deciding what size wing to fly. See ya in December!

Hiking up to the Abbot Pass Hut from Lake Ohara.

The following morning on the SE Ridge.


What I like about this shot is that it looks like our shadows are being cast on Mt. Huber.

The SE Ridge on Victoria is a great walk in the sky.

Descending the Sickle. The last time I was here was the spring of 2010 when Ali H-Bomb and I skied down this classic line.

What the hell are you doing here?  Aaron B popped up on the ridge after climbing the Huber Ledges and the SW Face. He seems to have caught raise-the-roof from Dave.

After a rest day in Canmore, we drove Dave's rented Ford Fiesta along the back roads of BC to the Mt. Assiniboine Trail head situated on Settlers Road.

Hiking past Assiniboine Lake during the 6 hour approach to the Hind Hut. This approach was pretty straight forward.

Hard to beat the colors.

Every now and again I take photos of leaves.

Crossing the glacier during the forced march.

Can you feel the stoke? The following morning on the North Ridge of Assiniboine. The route was almost totally dry. Except for where there was snow. Then it was snowy.

Somewhere along the long route. If you stick mostly to the ridge, things tend to go well.

An interesting point of view.

Nearing the top.

Crawling on all fours with Lake Magog far below. 

Hanging out at the Hind Hut early the next morning. Craggy blue hills forever.