October 15, 2012

Baffin Island Base Jumping and Skiing Commercial Film Shoot

JT Holmes launching into a barrel roll above the Sam Ford Fjord.

Back in May, a few days after finishing the 2011/2012 heli-ski season, Josh Lavigne and I came in to a few weeks of snow safety work on a commercial film shoot in Baffin Island's Sam Ford Fjord. Until now, we weren't supposed to post any photos of the action nor talk about the details of the shoot. But since the campaign has now gone viral, here is a look at the finished product and a behind the scenes clip. 

Thanks to everyone for making it such a memorable trip!

To watch the commercial click here

To watch the behind-the-scenes clip, check out the video below:

First jump of the trip. The shoot was supposed to have helicopter support but the machine never showed up because of bad weather between Iqualuit and Clyde River. So we all ended up burning a lot more calories than we expected!

Jumping with Ottawa Peak in the background. Ottawa Peak was the location of the ski base (the hanging snow slope in the cloud).

It's hard to imagine a more wild pursuit in a more dramatic environment.

Different perspective of the exit in the previous photos.

Jesse half way in to a big gainer.

Jesse, Timmy and JT launching perhaps the first 3-way ski base ever performed. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around this photo.

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