November 27, 2012

Rock Climbing in Turkey - The End

Iris making short work of a 7a+ at Geyik Bayiri

Well, as all things must, my time in Turkey came to an end. After seven weeks of flying and climbing and travel, I was ready to come home. I left Jositos at one in the morning and caught a four a.m. flight out of Antalya bound for Montreal. After four nights in the city, the jet lag and sub zero temps are still kicking my ass. 

During the past year, I became mildly obsessed with learning to fly and gave up all personal climbing. I devoted every spare minute to flying - or at least to sitting around, getting fat and waiting to fly. Needless to say, kicking back in a seat while toodling around in the air does not do great things for one's climbing. You may be able to defy gravity with some nylon overhead, but when it comes down to the pure form of man vs. gravity, it's a no-contest. So it was with an open mind and detached ego that I went in to this trip. Expecting little of myself in terms of grades and striving only to enjoy the time, the movement, the process, the people and the effort. Of course, this was a noble plan in theory but... I don't care how detached you might be, pumping out on too many 5.EZ's will still induce Hulk Moments in even the most Zen. 

The finishing moves on a 7a+ at the Sarkit sector.

Danish Iris strolling a 7a+ right above camp.

Going food shopping with the Canadian sisters Nico and Sisi.

Sisi got hungry before we found the grocery store.

Mikkel is the Danish Chris Sharma.

Pantomime is an unfortunate part of the climbing experience.

Ella and I hitched in to Antalya one day and got picked up by a a sweet woman who stopped every 2 minutes to show us the local plants, flowers and fruits. 

Playing tourist in Antalya's old city.

Spice pyramids.


The Swissy came out for a 5 day vacation to play around on Turkey's awesome stone!

A grim travel day...

Arriving at Geyik Bayiri on day 1.

Nico climbing at the Sarkit sector.

A whole nuther sort of adventure... Breakfast with Mom and Tones in Montreal.

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Anonymous said...

Wex-Glad to see you're not slowing down and still Movin' On Up! NIce trip shots. E.F. (Ecuador-Cotopaxi)