January 23, 2013

Lady Mac Speed-Fly

Somedays you just get lucky. Like today for example. Despite a high wind forecast, I decided to go for a walk up Lady Mac with my 12 meter speed wing. My two previous attempts to fly off the peak resulted in zero flying and lots of walking. But on both previous occasions, I carried a larger wing and could not accommodate for the stronger winds. 

The walk up Lady Mac is always the same: calm at the parking lot, a little blowy at the half-way up mark, gale force winds when you crest the ridge around tree-line, and gusty at the launch. So I tried to focus on the hike and keep my expectations in check. If nothing else, I figured I'd get some good ground-handling at launch.

After just over 1 hour of hiking, I arrived at the pile of crap other wise known as the Tea House and went about my pre-flight rituals. I put on some warm clothes, munched an apple, strapped in to my light-weight harness, clicked in to the helmet and walked around putting new flagging tape on the many trees and posts around launch. The wind was blowing between 30 and 40 km/h but seemed about as smooth and laminar as I'd ever seen. I clipped in to the wing and... proceeded to get worked. Strangely, my ground skills were not quite as sharp as they were when I was flying 4 to 5 times per day in Turkey. I brought the wing up again, this time with the trimmers half-way open, and was able to kite it for a few minutes and test the wind. Everything seemed good so I turned around, took a few steps and was airborne almost immediately. The flight lasted about 3 minutes and I ended up putting down on a frozen pond just outside the Silver Tip golf course.  Maybe one day I'll actually remember to close the trimmers before landing. And thanks to Pretty Lights for the track!

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