April 22, 2013

For Anyone Who Has Ever Wrecked Themselves...

Someone recently suggested this Ted Talk to me. It features a young female athlete who is hit by a truck and overcomes unimaginable injuries. It is good medicine for anyone who has ever wrecked themself.


Dana Mad Dog Drummond said...

Yo Andrew! We met briefly at the 14,000' party on Denali a few years back. You and your crew seemed to be having endless fun skiing around and out of camp while my partner and I nervously awaited a stellar weather window to attempt the Cassin Ridge. The perfect weather never came and we never gathered up the courage to make an attempt but did have a good tour to the north summit anyway.

I have since moved to Anchorage, met and skied with Joe Stock and heard about and read about your exploits up here. And in researching some spring skiing ideas on his blog came across the link to yours and out of curiosity, checked in. I can't believe how fucked up you got in your accident! Very bummed to hear about it, but also very psyched that you lived and are recovering, no matter how slowly. Here's to positive thinking and a good recovery!

Hope to cross paths again sometime soon,

Dana Maddog Drummond

Andrew Wexler said...

Hi Dana,

Thanks for the note. Much appreciated. I definitely remember meeting you and Byron?? on Denali. Ahhhhh, good times. Sounds like you and Joe have been getting out lots the past few years.
I'm improving week to week and am pretty mobile these days. Still hobbling around with a cane but can climb indoors and doggie paddle around the pool. Hope you have a great spring season in AK and hope to make it up there before too long.