June 12, 2013

Goals, Recovery and a Ha-Ling Hobble

The top of Ha-Ling... Honestly!

I woke up with particularly sore quads this morning thanks to yesterday's hobble up and down Ha-Ling. After nearly 4 months of zero outdoor activity, yesterday's 3.5 hour quest was a huge break through.

A few weeks ago, I decided that it might be feasible to celebrate the 4 month anniversary of my successful crash in to the side of Lady Mac with a hike up to the Tea House Launch. When I mentioned this to my room mate, she laughed and suggested that I start off with something smaller like Ha-Ling. After a moment of thought, I realized the logic in these words. 

The past 6 weeks have been quite repetitive. Wake up, effectively waste 4-5 hours, go to physio, move over to the Elevation Place weight room and climbing gym, transfer to the pool, try not to drown, hobble over to yoga, go home, repeat. The monotony of the days is somewhat staggering when I think about it so I just don't think about it. And there are always little interruptions to the work flow to keep things fresh - like Monday's mid yoga hunger attack that forced me to limp out of the middle of a class and forage for some rice sticks in the car. 

But the monotony has not been for naught. When I started on the get well regime in early May, I was not capable of doing a single pull-up. When I tried push-ups, I could do a total of 4 before my chest, arms and back gave out. And when I wanted to get out of bed and get dressed, I needed at least 30 minutes for the task - make-up not included. When I started yoga, the tension in my hips, hamstrings, calf, foot and back was so intense that it was all I could do to sit upright on the mat. When I tried crossing my legs for the first time, I was overwhelmed by two distinct feelings: 1) I am so fucked up and 2) I am so lucky to be alive. It was a real awakening for me. 

Now that I know that walking up a real hill probably won't kill me, I'm going to try and scale the redoubtable Lady Mac in the next few days - almost 4 months to the day that I was last up there. I have an appointment with the surgeon in Calgary next Monday and I can't help but feel that I have something to prove - that I can walk in to his office without a cane, without a limp (fat chance) and have him say, dam, what the hell happened to you?

The white Orchid that some friends sent me in the hospital. The plant was pretty much dead for a few months  but has decided to come back to life. A very inspiring organism I must say. Oddly enough, the less you fuss with it, the better it does. 

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