July 24, 2013

Stand Up Paddle on The Bow River (and other water days)

Sara H freezing her feet one early summer day on Abraham Lake off the Dave Thompson Highway.

The Canadian Rockies is not the place for year round water sports. So when we get a few warm days, it's nice to take advantage of the local waterways. I hate to admit it, but I bought a paddle board this summer. I know I know, stand up paddle seems like the water equivalent of roller blading. And I suppose it is. But after trying out a friend's board, it seemed like a relaxing and low impact way to spend time outdoors as it is much easier on the body than climbing or biking. I went with an inflatable board that is well suited to cruising rivers and have spent a few quality afternoons floating the Bow: once from Banff to Canmore and a few times from the park gate to Canmore. The Banff - Canmore run took about 2:45 and is in good shape right now with the higher water levels. The Mini-Bow (from the park gate - Canmore) takes about 50 minutes. But don't take my word for it since I don't know anything about the water.

The flotilla of pro sup-pers.

Show up and blow up!

The boards are more like little rafts. 

Brandon O looking pro.

Andy G riding switch with the Three Sisters in the background.

Surfing the bridge.

Lianne M floating towards Canmore.

Like roller blades only bigger.

Sara H got really excited about being on the water. She just started running and running and running.

Climbing next to Takkakaw Falls in the Yoho Valley.

The Falls are still booming.

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Jamie McVicar said...

Take those Badfish from Lake Louise and it won't feel like aquatic rollerblading! Good to see folk SUPing the local rivers.