August 05, 2013

Moutain Biking Jumping Pound Ridge and Cox Hill, K-Country

Kim J riding the 17 km road to the start of the trail. The road is currently closed to vehicle traffic because of damage from the floods - which means no car shuttle for lazy riders. The trail starts on the riders left at approx km 19. It then climbs steeply over rocks and roots for a while before levelling out on the exposed ridge. In total, the ride is about 35 km and took about 5 hours with a long break to let the Trans Rockies Racers go through.

It's hard to believe that it's already August. In some ways, I'm glad that the time is moving quickly because it means I've had more time to mend. Since I've been entirely focused on the healing process this summer, I've gotten back in to a few activities that I haven't done in a while. One of these activities is mountain biking and it's contributed more to my recovery than anything else. Back in high school, I used to spend all my free time ripping around the east coast trails. But then I discovered climbing, and biking took a back seat.  Like flying, one of the great things about biking is that you don't need a partner. Plus, it's been a great way to keep the lungs in check while working on the atrophied leg muscles. And the feeling of cruising through the tight single track reminds me of skimming the trees on those smooth early morning flights from any given launch. But maybe more than anything else, biking has taken me to parts of the big back yard that I've never been. And at the end of the day, the activity itself often takes a back seat to getting out and exploring new places. 

Cruising along Jumping Pound Ridge in Kananaskis Country.

Riding with Moose Mountain in the distance.

Kim J ripping the backyard High Line.

An impromptu creek crossing post flood.

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