September 11, 2013

Climbing Mt. Athabasca and a Return to Flight

Mike A descending Mt Athabasca in wintry conditions - "I'd rather miss the summit and have an adventure than make the summit without a challenge."

Last year, Mike A came out to the Canadian Rockies from Texas. We had a great trip and managed to scrape our way up Mt. Assiniboine. This year,  Mike came out for the East Ridge of Mt. Temple but unfortunately, the weather was off. So we drove north up the Icefields Parkway in hopes of better weather. The chimera of  sunny skies turned out to be just that, but we did manage to grope our way up Mt. Athabasca's Ramp Route in less than ideal conditions. After battling it out on the mountain for 9 hours, we got back to the car and drove to Canmore. I fell asleep instantly but kept waking up sporadically to make sure that Mike wasn't falling asleep as well. "Don't worry," he assured me, "I could drive for 10 hours straight right now." I guess they make em tougher in Texas.

From last year's trip up Mt. Assiniboine.

First flight in almost 7 months. Thanks to Rich Jagger for lending me his wing! A couple of mellow sled rides in Golden, BC was a good way to get back in the air. 

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