September 21, 2013

Mountaineering in Cerise Creek, BC

Pierre H on the East Ridge of Matier looking over at the Twin One Glacier.

It's been a few years since I worked on the coast and did a full week of instructional travail. So when the opportunity came up to spend a week getting pounded by rain with 13 of my favorite mountaineering students, I figured what the hell. 

The location was Cerise Creek off the Duffy Lake Highway and when the sun is out, it's hard to imagine more perfect alpine scenery. But Lord knows, the sun does not always shine in British Columbia. After four days of blue skies, the weather turned and transformed our dry camping spot into a swamp. The upshot to this was that it made my Thermarest feel more like a water bed. The downside was, well ... do you have an hour? But in all fairness, the blueberry picking was really good and the west coast vibe reminded me of the many years I spent working in and around North Cascades National Park. Plus, the students were great and the other instructors - Pierre H and Matt V - provided good comic relief.

The early part of the week brought perfect weather.

Ice climbing on the Twin One Glacier.

Mirror image.


Heading below Mt. Matier on our way to Mt. Hartzell.

The summit of Mt. Hartzell

And then the rain. 

Student belay on the East Ridge of Matier.

Swamp camp

Heading up Matier.

Wandering around in the fog.

It's hard to trust a guy who doesn't drink coffee or alcohol.

Team work

The berry picking in Cerise Creek at this time of year is A+.

Making pancakes is a great way to pass time on a rainy day.

Be gone!


D Healey said...

yeah, that PH guy. outstandin' fella but he SINGS too! good to see you mending & adventure chasing. word -

pebbleshoo leigh said...

Nice one. Never really thought about the Twin One for ice climbing practice. Will have to remember that area for next Summer.

By off chance I found this photographer online who appears to have taken photographs of you guys when he was heading up Vantage. Flick through his online album and you'll see the pictures I'm talking about.