December 18, 2013

Apple iPad Commercial And Behind The Scenes With The Baffin Island Pirelli / Base Shoot

A couple of good videos / commercials for a snowy day in Canmore. I worked safety / snow safety on both these shoots and it was great to team up with the Camp 4 Collective each time. This style of shooting is quite intense with potential for big reward or catastrophic failure, and you never really know how it's going to turn out until the last minute.

In the Apple commercial, we spent six days in the area but were only able to shoot for two days due to weather. We spent about fourteen hours strapped to the Central Howser Tower to get ten seconds of footage for the commercial. On the first day of shooting, the weather turned and the winds picked up and we almost had to spend the night on the summit. On the second day of shooting, the clouds closed in right at the level of the potaledge and we had to haul it to a higher level and set it above the clouds. In the end, the sea of clouds made for some spectacular scenery.

As for the Baffin Base / Ski Shoot, the challenges are pretty well documented in the piece below. Looking back, it's funny how the biggest problems end up creating the best results.

The Apple iPad shoot from the Bugaboos is now live. Our section from the Central Howser Tower is the final 12 seconds.

Premontato from Adrian Moat on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes look at the Baffin Island Base / Ski shoot from last year. 

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