December 25, 2013

Start of Another Winter Season

Bryan W skiing on the run Allouette in Rory Creek - CMH Bugaboos.

There is something about starting another heli-ski season that highlights the passing of time. Where did the last year go? How did it go so fast considering that a good chunk of it was spent convalescing on a couch? Whatever the case, I feel fortunate to be back at work, pounding it out on the snowy battlefield, loading skis, digging pits, eating too much food and getting blasted by arctic rotor wash. This probably sounds tongue in cheek but it's not. Sometimes, there's nothing like a big wreck to remind you how good the everyday really is. Happy Holidays!

Josh Briggs revving the engine for the ride in to Professor Falls in Banff National Park.

Josh B on one of Professors many pitches.

The final pitch of Professors. 

Another view of the final pitch. Two days later, I guided a long time client Jim F up the route. It was a bitter cold day with temps dipping down to -22C at the base of the route. This made for a cold morning bike ride.

Jim F climbing in to the cave on the final pitch.

Bryon W doing snow safety on a beautiful day in Rory Creek.

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