January 08, 2014

Heli Skiing in the Bugaboos 2014

Nico P unhinged on Kickoff. Not a bad way to end a 17 day tour. It's funny that we've moved away from leashes in ice climbing, but most of us still ski around the hills with heels leashed firmly in place. Seems a little funny. So if you ever find yourself getting bored with the same ol alpine turn, maybe it's time to step it up and unhinge the heel. What's the saying? Unhinge your mind and the rest will follow. Something like that.

It's no secret that it's been a slow start to the season. But after a few big dumps in the past few days, you'd never know. With a return to zonal flow, it looks like 2014 is starting to put out.

Looking back at 2013, I'm glad to see it go. It's not that there wasn't a great deal of positivity that came out of the year, it's just that, well, I spent a lot of it in a drugged out stupor on the couch. And the couch sucks! So really what I'm saying is that I'm stoked to be back at it, cruising around the hills, getting face shots and planning future adventures. Infact, I often find myself in a state of disbelief to be moving around like a normal person. Every time I walk around the helicopter, or climb a flight of stairs, or get out of bed without a mountain of effort, the action is laced with a drop of wonder. Is it for real? Am I really back in the arena? Or is this the post crash dream? Hard saying some days. The only thing I can say for certain is that I'm lucky to have the perspective. Here's to a 2014 full of soft landings, good health and much love.

Bryon W skiing Rory Creek. 

Kenny B - affectionately known as Kendra after a week of skiing with the all ladies powder into - checking the ski quality on FM. 

J Mac The Sac proving.that the skiing is always good for the guy out front.

J Mac going down on Grumpy's.

Psycho Mike P riding The Queen in Rory Creek.

NYE 2014.