February 28, 2014

Canadian Snow and Ice

Jeff Mac skiing Wolfin at CMH Bugaboos with the Howser Towers in the distance.

Well, it's been nearly 2 months since I posted anything so here's a few shots from the time in between. There's been: lots of heli-skiing, lots of snow, some warm days, some really cold days, a long time without snow before the snow, some ice climbing and even the occasional speed flight!

It's hard to believe that the season is over half way through. When the alarm went off at 7am this morning, there was the faintest light in the sky and the silhouette of the Bugaboo Spires on the skyline. Spring is on the way.  

Eirik S skiing Ole.

Snow safety on Frenchman High.

J Mac checking out Dogleg in East Creek

Pineau Nico airing it out on the tele sticks in Rory Creek.

Eirik going down on the French Tickler

A snowy day in the home drainage! Dani Loewenstein Photo.

J Mac skiing in East Creek.

Sweet Sara climbing Moonlight in Evan Thomas Creek.

P. Delaney and guest half way up the climb.

Hey Mom! Look what I climbed!

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