January 14, 2015

Climbing Cascade Kronenbourg

The view that never gets old at Winter Camp Bugaboos.

Canadian winters are long and cold and no amount of whining is going to change this. So instead of harping on the fact that there is no shirts-off rock climbing anywhere nearby, all a guy can do is head to the hills with sticks on his feet or tools in his hands. 
After spending the last two weeks working on my goggle tan at Camp Bugaboos, I hadn`t even gotten back to Canmore when co-worker and super Mom Lilla M texted to see about climbing during the week off. We made plans to check out Cascade Kronenbourg - an ephemeral ice and rock route by Field, BC. No crowds and relatively mild temps made for a most excellent outing and reminded me of the first time I climbed the route 10 years ago with now famous alpinist Ian Welsted (when is this guy gonna quit facebooking and start a blog!). Unfortunately, the great ice conditions also reminded me that good skiing and good climbing rarely co-exist in the Canadian Rockies.

Approaching the route.

Lilla following the first pitch.

Lilla exhibiting - in the words of Alpine Justice - exquisite `nique.

Scratching... scratching.

Awesome, steep hooking out the roof on the second pitch.

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