January 05, 2015

Potrero Chico Climbing 2014

Surfer Rosa at the Surf Bowl, Potrero Chico, Mexico. Drew Smith photo

Just before the CMH Heli Ski season started, I took a trip to Potrero Chico, Mexico. I wanted a quick and inexpensive hit of sun and stone, and Potrero seemed like the place. I went solo and camped at La Posada, and found great partners right away. With cheap camping, cheaper beer, and an infinite amount of climbing within walking distance from the tent, Potrero Chico was a great place to fuel the soul before a long Canadian winter.

The park entrance.

Lucy and Steve fueling up with margaritas before a big day of climbing.

Lowering off at the Surf Bowl.

Post climb tacitos.

Savannah and Drew at the La Posada campground.

Evening beer run.

One of the local hounds.

One of the local arachnids.

Lucy climbing at the Outrage Wall.

The beast is strong but the man is smart.

This fall started feeling like Groundhog Day. Drew Smith photo.

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