February 01, 2015

Bugaboos Heli Skiing 2014 - 2015

Whoopi Goldberg has always been a hero of mine. Thanks to George F for the sneaky photo.

It's no secret that skiing conditions have been tough in Western Canada this year. Things aren't as bad as in the Alps, but the Alps are really bad! But even when the snow quality is less then blower in the Bugaboos, we are still able to get out for some awesome high-moutain vistas.

If you don't recognize this formation, you haven't been paying attention! The Howsers as seen from East Creek.

Pigeon Spire!

Looking west towards Mt. Stone.

Hansi Hintersteer putting it to Allouette in Rory Creek.

Burnt trees lower down on Allouette.

On the landing in Rory Creek.

Close up of Mt. Stone.

Hounds Tooth is just begging for some speed-riding.

To say nothing of the snowpatch on Snowpatch!

And Pigeon.

Visiting guide Bryan K skiing Malloy with the spires in the background.

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