February 19, 2015

Return to Rogers Pass And All That Rockies Crushing!

Guy A and his pompom skiing the only fresh snow in all of Rogers Pass.

Ever since moving to the Rockies, it's been harder and harder to make the trip west to Rogers Pass. Afterall, Highway 93 South is as good as anyhting and it's less than an hour from Canmore. But, and it's a big butt, the Rockies snowpack is so fickle that you usually have to wait until spring to get any reliable turns. So, with a few days of ski guiding lined up from the Asulkan Cabin, Guy A and I decided to get in some Selkirks shnoodling before work.

In truth, it was tough leaving the Rockies at a time when hazard level at all elevations was rated LOW and Biglines was was spraying mad rhetoric about all the crushing /crushfesting taking place. Props to all the guys who got out and skiied the cool lines, but does everything in print have to be a wild, big guns blazing, crushing crushfest? I mean, isn't it just regualar, everyday, normal sticks on snow skiing? And if everything is a crushfest, what do we call it when something like Robson N. Face gets skiied? The ultimate crushing crushfest crushorama in the history of crushing crushfest crushoramas? I guess what it really boils down to is the language-game. 

The super-secret stash.

Checking out the Cedars!

Another super-secret stash.

Good conditions before the warming.

The boys touring in some heavy duty gear.

Everyday conditions at Rogers Pass.

You can check out a cool account of skiing the Monarch here.

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