April 30, 2015

Skiing in the Bugaboos 2015 - The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves!

Helmets are getting much more creative these days. Thanks for the photo Trevor W!

The 2015 winter season will not go down as one of the deepest. It's not that we didn't get much precipitation, it's just that it fell mostly as rain below 2000 meters. Somehow, May is just around the corner and we're still at it AND conditions are finally getting good! Thanks to everyone I skied with this season. Despite the challenging conditions, the guests were awesome and seemed to appreciate the good vistas and trace shots. See you in the Rockies this spring!

Dave C skiing Tamarack in late April.

Visiting guide TED leading a group on a run called Kickoff in the Spires. Trevor Ward Photo.

My brother Tony fresh out of grad school with a PHD and a rented snowboard. It's been 15 years since he last rode and he's still got the steeze! After taking a decade and a half off to pursue academics and pick-up basketball, Tony is making a comeback to the world of mountain sports.

Tony riding the lower Howser Glacier.

The Shadow knows.

Tones going for a rip on Wildcat.

A group on Malloy with the Spires in the background.

Pick up on Ella's Run.

Looking at the Howsers from Route 66 in the Four Squatters.

Pete W probing the upper Vowell Glacier below the West Face of Snowpatch.

The Howsers.

Nat R digging a hole on Bill's Pass. This is the the route taken by the well travelled Bugaboos - Rogers Pass Traverse

There are about 12 people in this photo.

The NE Ridge of Buagboo Spire.

Long shadows across the Vowell Glacier with the Howsers in the distance.

We tried burning stuff in the hopes that it would snow but no luck.

On the drive to work two weeks ago, I passed these wolves on Highway 93 South.

Still skiing.

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