January 11, 2016

Bugaboos Skiing 2015 - 2016

Flying out with Dani and Captain Morgan and headed to Mexico. 

I've been remiss in posting lately. Sometimes life gets busy and it's hard to find the time. Sometimes I get stalled out thinking that I need to have something entertaining to say. Sometimes the camera always seems buried at the bottom of the pack. Sometimes I just get lazy or distracted. Before you know it, months go by and nothing happens and then it dawns on you that the things in life which always seemed like a given are no longer a leitmotif. Sometimes this is intentional and sometimes it happens by a gradual drift. But the result is the same - when somethings gone, it's gone. It can be a relationship or a hobby or a skill or anything else for that matter. If you let something go, it might not come back.So without having anything much to say, here are some photos from the season so far. 

Dani Lionheart enjoying himself in Rory Creek.

Allow myself to introduce... myself. I gave Lilla my camera and she proved to be a natural.

And one of those days in the Spires... Thanks Dave C for the photo.

Lilla just givenr!

J-Mac the sack!

Lilla is always on point and in focus.

D-Lo out for a rip in Rory.

Skiing the moraine on Crescent. Dave C. photo.

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