May 15, 2016

Behind The Scenes On A Jimmy Chin Film Shoot

Shooting above the Conrad Glacier, Purcell Mountains, BC. Keep an eye on that extendable fluffy mic!

Early this spring, I got a note from Jimmy C about doing safety on a film shoot in the Bugaboos. Having worked together on two previous projects, I knew that even though he said it would be mellow, in reality it would be anything but. In 2011, we worked together on a ski / base shoot in Baffin Island for Pirelli Tires. Two years later, in 2013, we worked on the Central Howser Tower in the Bugaboos on a project for Apple. Both these projects were involved and I had no reason to believe that this one would be any different. Despite my best efforts to not be available for this project, I eventually caved. Luckily, I managed to convince Gery U, aka the Wolverine, to join the team. I figured that with the Wolverine in tow, there'd be no shortage of smokes and jokes. One day after finishing a two week shift at CMH, Gery and I were back in Golden and ready for the maelstrom - " a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil." 


A photo from the Baffin Island Shoot in 2011 featuring Jesse Hall, Timy Dutton, and JT Holmes.

A photo from the 2013 shoot in the Bugaboos.

The Guardian B2 and the camera operator.

Flying in the Bugaboos tenure, hoping to touch down on Brenta Spire. The clouds and slightly inclement weather kept things interesting. We managed to put Jimmy and Mikey S on the tower but had to pull them off quickly as the weather looked to be closing in. If it weren't for the weather, shooting in the mountains would be easy!

More shooting above the Conrad. If you look close, you should be able to see Jim's extendable fluffy mic.

Other than the fluffy mic, this photo is notable because of the camera man on the near left. This is Josh Helling. Josh was also a part of the Baffin shoot and has spent more time on big, remote walls than just about anybody ever.

And of course, here is the Wolverine with his interminable stoke.

Fluffy mic in action.

After a few days of whirlwind activity, the weather closed in and we had a down day. Since we were based at the base of Kicking Horse, the crew pumped a lap up at the hill. Here's Gery and Jimmy and we are all about one mile behind Marcus W who was breaking trail and training for the Patrol de Glaciers.

Gery's stoke may seem high by Canadian standards but it is totally normal by Austrian standards.

Fluffy mic and a relaxed Gery on the last day of the shoot. These two really bonded. 

Jimmy climbing under the fluffy mic.

The boss is stoked! After a tough start to the week and lots of funky weather, we were able to get all the necessary shots on the final day. 

The day started off with Jimmy and Mikey S back on Brenta Spire in the Bugaboos and ended on the other side of the Purcells in the Bobbie Burns tenure. After six days of frenetic activity, I was looking forward to getting back to the mellow pace of production heli-skiing. Thanks to the whole crew for the good times!

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