October 27, 2013

Canadian Alpine Journal 2013 - Baffin Island Base

The back cover of the 2013 Canadian Alpine Journal. I took this photo in May 2012 while working on a film shoot in Baffin Island. The jumpers are Timmy D, Jesse H, and JT Holmes. The location is the Shark's Fin in the Sam Ford Fjord. Thanks to Sean Isaac for editing the journal and using the shot!

We skied three great lines on this trip. Here is Josh H and Josh L in the Polar Star Couloir.

The interminable Jimmy Chin climbing the AC Cobra.

The AC Cobra is the highest line stretching in to the clouds in the center of the shot.

Josh L near the top of the Cobra.

Jesse Hall at the top of the Cobra.

JT Holmes before jumping off the Shark's Fin.

A foreshortened view of Carlyle's Couloir that Josh Lavigne and I skied on the last day of the trip - named in the memory of Carlyle Norman.

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